Wednesday, September 12, 2007

bob's java hut

ok. Here is Bob's Java Hut. It's on Lyndale and 27th avenue in Minneapolis.
When I lived in Mpls, I was in my early 2o's and loved hanging out at the coffee shop with my friends. I lived a block away and we all had our motorcycles and in the spring after the last snow melted away we would line up our bikes at bob's and meet up. I used to bring my journal, calligraphy pen and dipping ink and spent hours there writing in my journal. I was smoking almost 2 packs of marlboro reds a day and drinking so much caffeine that I was revved up all the time. I wore vintage dresses and combat boots, had two nose rings, and had the same hair style I have now. back when I lived there the coffee shop was next door to the Egg and I where I worked in the mornings. Some gals from my art school worked there with me too. Once I started working at the Guthrie Theatre I still started my days at Bob's.

Before Bob's was Muddy Waters down the street. I will post those photos later.
Mpls. has so many coffee shops it is amazing. Now in my life here in LA the thought of going and "hanging out" at a coffee shop doesn't cross my mind.( but Peet's coffee does make me grin from ear to ear ) My idea of hanging out might be a walk around the rose bowl, smoke free, with a bottle of water, wearing my sneakers and yoga pants and top. Gone are the days of combat boots and motorcycles, but I am so glad I had that experience in my life. I remember those days fondly. I think the last little thing that is left from those days are photography and big silver jewelry. I feel minnesota when I write this. It feels dark and brooding.

I like it.