Monday, November 26, 2007


This photo was taken at Napili Bay Maui on Oct 21st. Pinhole image. Water on rocks. I can hear the water moving in the ocean and the air whirling as I look at this photo. It was a beautiful quiet morning.

I just finished scanning all of my honeymoon pinhole images onto my laptop. I'm grateful I had the day today to get this done. I feel it is one of the most important bodies of work I have created. It's deeply personal and meaningful to me. It documents a transition in my life that I cherish. Todays actions are a huge step toward a dream I am manifesting. Today I am thinking about simple abundance. A book that came out a few years ago. Have you read it? 5 things I am grateful for: 1. My cat is laying near me on the couch while I work on my art. 2. I get to create my art!. 3. I am married to the greatest man EVER~!! 4. My home is warm, inviting, and is lovely to be in every day. 5. I am blessed by many dear friends and family members.