Friday, December 14, 2007

food for thought

This image feels appropriate today for some reason. A broken wing inside a bucket that I hold out in front of my naked body.
When I took this image I was living in Minneapolis and I was confronting my personal questions about spirituality and religion. It's time to do more of this type of work, but around health and spirituality. There are so many schools of thought on healing and health it is amazing. There is a school in New York that teaches all the different types of nutritional healing so that you can have an unbiased look at all of them and become more intuitive about what your body needs and then if you choose to - share it with clients who seek guidance. I'm very drawn to this type of work. Food, nutrition, healing. I find it fascinating. The idea that live enzymes in raw food can and do heal people is an incredible thing. Today my mom and I went to a raw restaurant in Santa Monica and enjoyed it very much. Seaweed, avocado, nut cheese, cabbage, all wrapped up in a neat little package. Tasty.