Thursday, January 10, 2008


This is Ariel.. Vera Mae LOVES her. She has her own little house made out of fabric that she lives in with a little bed, bedspread, heart shaped pillow, chair and a little bell on a string.
It has a handle on top so Vera can carry the house around with her. It's adorable.
I head back tomorrow to the land of 60 degrees. I wish Amy and her family lived really close by so we could have play dates regularly. I've really loved visiting and trying to help out in whatever why is needed at the moment. Iris is a totally different baby then when I met her on Monday. She is more aware, alert, and more like a little human then just a crying and pooping machine. I love holding her and swinging her in my arms and watching her as she looks in my eyes and tries to figure out who the heck I am and what the heck I'm doing there. She loves to be held in the kitchen. She turns her head and looks around the room as I sing and make silly noises to help her feel calm and comfortable. She is so precious I am not sure there are words to describe it. ok, I'm off to sit at the dinner table while Vera eats her dinner. It's entertaining!