Wednesday, January 02, 2008

day 2 - gratitude

ok - I posted this photo a few weeks ago and then removed it. I was trying to make this blog more focused on my fine art and less on my family portraits and vacations. But I was roaming around my portfolios to find something to post and this photo grabbed me much more then the rest. Can ya blame me? Look at her! Tonight I took a bubble bath and she sat on the ledge of the tub with me. She's been doing that since she was a little girl. 15 years now. She is adorable and I feel lucky to have had all these years with her. Lately she has been stealing my pillows on the bed. I get a tiny corner and she gets the rest. Somehow I don't mind because she is purring so loud it makes me giggle. Noticing the unconditional love that is there for me every single day is a blessing. I feel grateful on day 2 of 2008.
Enjoy your versions of unconditional love. They are priceless.
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