Friday, January 04, 2008

Heading to Portland for a show!

The Show is called Altered Landscape
Opening night is February 8th from 7-10pm

It's at the Newspace Center for Photography
1632 SE 10th Ave
Portland OR

Jerry and I will be flying up to Portland for that weekend.
I lived in Portland for about 5 years. I worked at Portland Center Stage
I was an Assistant Stage Manager there. Portland is also where I learned about Miguel Ruiz and the Toltec work which I was involved with for 5 years. It was a very important time in my life and I made some great friends that I call the "Portland Crew". Some of them I met when I was living in Minneapolis and attending the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.
Glad we have all remained in touch all these years.

Excited to go to Saburos for sushi, The Cup and Saucer for a #1, sip some oregon chai, and be amongst all those trees. There is nothing like it. Hanging out with BP and KT is a huge plus too! I love that they hang out in the living room in the morning on the floor sipping their morning tea. Love the ritual of it. Also love going to The Tao of Tea!
Oh so many places and things to do in Portland. I could write an entire list out of sites and places to go. Maybe I will. My friend Suzi gave me a list of places to see in San Francisco and it was a real treat. 3 pages of sites and restaurants off the beaten path. I still ahve it for every visit back.
Wow - I didn't realize that having a show in Portland would bring up such find memories. I'm so excited to get back there.