Tuesday, February 05, 2008


"The more intent a person is upon getting a special result, the more stress a person has"...."Success, like happiness, is not something that we have to run after; for when we do, it will run the other way, because fear chases it away. Both will come when a person has forgotten about them and is dedicated to serving a cause or purpose greater than herself.
Worry stems from the fear that I will not be happy in the future, meaning I will not get the things, people, money or situations I believe I must have to be happy...."
-from an article called " Let success come to you " by Terry Cole-Whittaker

I found this article that my friend Reva gave to me - after cleaning off my desk yesterday. It was perfect timing as usual.

Life is more juicy when I practice letting go. So much more comes back.

Today is my father's birthday. I love and adore my father. He is a charming, smart, funny, tender soul. I have learned so much from him just by observing how he chooses to live his life. One of the biggest things I have learned from him is the power of being big enough to admit that you might not know how to deal with every situation on your own and seek help from books, classes, groups, people, god, etc. He does this and it is inspiring. He also watches lots of movies that make him laugh and is always quoting those one liners that crack him up. When he laughs it tickles me. And he laughs a lot. What a gift he is.

ok - so enjoy the beginning of what ever it is that you fancy. Enjoy the shift from fear into love in every moment you choose to. Enjoy forgiving yourself anytime you feel like it. Enjoy creating a gorgeous life for yourself without expectations. And enjoy your father - and/or the men in your life that inspire you or make you giggle.