Friday, May 30, 2008

Building Community

I found this great banner on Liz Kuball's Blog.

Photography tends to be a very competitive world. We get secretive about our business, our work, we don't want others to know how we did this or that. All of that comes from a place of fear, and of feeling threatened.

I've definitely gone through phases of it myself. What I find is that the outcome is isolating, lonely, and stressful. I'd rather enjoy my life, my friends, and remember that there is enough for everyone. It takes practice to really know this. But it is worth the trouble to be more open, more friendly, more helpful.

I find when I am helpful, I receive so much more then I thought possible.


Quote for the day:

Being Generous: Give away some form of supply ( money, food, clothing, time, etc. )to someone, remembering money or supply doesn't go anywhere and releasing-receiving are ONE and the same.

Page 96 The Abounding River by Matthew and Terces Engelhart