Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It's June 18th

yep - it's time to take a photo of the tree outside my house. And here it is. I literally just stepped outside about 15 minutes ago, looked up, and clicked. Just one image. Usually I take a few but this one just felt right so I am trusting it.

2 more months and this series will be complete. Strange to be coming around to the other side of this project I started Last August.

It's amazing to see the tree and how it has tranformed over the year - and how my life has totally bloomed in the last 10 months. And how my relationship with that tree and how I see it has changed over time as well. Ok that sounds weird but I didn't really notice the tree before and now I feel much more in tune with all the little changes it is going through all year long.

Quote for the day:

I did not come to my fundamental understanding of the universe through my rational mind. - Albert Einstein