Monday, June 09, 2008

newlywed bed

new project.
taking a photo of the bed every morning when I wake up, just the way it is.
this is an ongoing project for the rest of the year at least.

( our friend Nicole fed our cats when we were on our honeymoon, and when we returned we found the bride and groom pillowcases on our pillows. We've grown attached to them! Thank you Nicole! )

Today I am starting my day with a pinched nerve in my shoulder, so I will distract myself by writing a gratitude list!:

1. that advil works and we had some!
2. the birds are chirping with glee outside
3. the weather is GORGEOUS already!
4. it's quiet on our street
5. we live in a very beautiful, comfortable home
6. I am lucky to have found my husband ( he is wonderful! )
7. can you believe my cat is 15 years old? I adore her.
8. I have food, shelter, clothing
9. I have electricity ( I did live without it for 6 months once on purpose! )
10. I am much more serene today then I was a few years ago
11. I am healthy
12. We have tivo ( isn't that a sad thing to be grateful for! )
13. I love our front porch, the tree out front, the yard, the plants, the backyard.
14. I have wonderful friends.
15. I don't have any credit card debt.
16. My life is focused on the things I love instead of those other things!
17. I have fabulous, caring, fun parents.
18. I live in a beautiful part of the country.
19. I live near trader joes and whole foods.
20. Some one smart invented the Larabar.
21. I am free of joint pain today. ( accept that pinched nerve that I've almost forgotten about ! )
22. I don't use an alarm clock anymore.
23. I get to wear jeans to work, or pajamas, since I mostly work from home.
24. I love my camera gear! My pinhole, panoramic, nikons, twinlens, holga, etc! YES!
25. I love the bounty of healthy food I get to eat.
26. I love how gratitude lists help remind me of how amazing my life really is
27. I love simplicity
28. I love that I get to start over at any point in my day if I am suffering.
29. I love that we have a bath tub.
30. I love my life.
31. I love getting inspired by other amazing artists, creatives and healers.
32. I love learning.
33. I love taking photographs, making images, creating art.
ok ok ok ok ok
aren't you ready to make your own gratitude lists now?
I'd love to hear yours!!