Saturday, November 22, 2008

a blast from my past....

Today I got an e-mail from Google alerts - that someone was looking me up for wedding photography. I'm sure they figured it out - that I no longer photograph weddings.
However they were sent to this LINK- which I read through and it brought me right back to my first year of wedding photography. That year was so fun for me. I loved my clients, It was fresh and new for me, and I was surrounded by other talented photographers who helped me get my start.

The photos above were taken at a wedding a few years later in my career. They are actually from one of my favorite weddings of all time. Not that I pick favorites (!) But look at how gorgeous that dress is. That gal is stunning and the venue was dreamy and I just adored it all.

I won an award for the image with the bride looking in the mirror. It was picked as one of the best wedding images of that year in PDN magazine. That was a moment for me.
And the bride was Thrilled too! Here is the LINK to that. You'll need to enter the gallery and look through the getting ready images to find mine.

Those weekends were filled with documenting other people's amazing life events.
These weekends are filled with being with my husband, cat, pregnant belly, friends, listening to music, eating grilled cheese and chicken broth ( I have a cold ), and lounging around listening to Amy Mann on KCRW and wearing my sweats all day because I can!

I guess this blog entry is my documentation of an amazing event in my own life. A weekend with my family. I created an exit strategy from wedding photography just so I could have more days like this.

Although I do miss meeting newly engaged couples and hearing all about their relationship, and their upcoming wedding - and then finding magical moments at their wedding through the lens of my camera - I do adore this chapter in my life as well.

I'm getting to know what it's like to have weekends OFF!!!!!

YAY FOR WEEKENDS OFF, lazy days, and remembering your past with fondness and no regrets.

now I must go eat that gooey grilled cheese and sit with my husband.....