Tuesday, December 23, 2008

thank you

Looking at all the holiday cards we got this year and feeling filled up with friends and friendship, family and meaningful relationships.

Thank you for putting me on your holiday card list. It means a lot, and feels good to see you in our home in some small way.

and YES that is a paw shaped christmas stocking for our cat next to the ones for us humans. It's actually her hanukkah stocking. And it's filled with cat treats. she gets one per night. Last night she got a red bouncy fuzzy ball to chase around the house. And yes she became a kitty on crack and sped through the house with that little thing! It was hilarious.

yesterday I remembered that happiness comes from expressing Love OUTWARD. Not from what you do for a living, what people do for you, not what you wear, eat, where you live, the car you drive etc. Just loving. I learned this from Miguel Ruiz when I was a part of the Toltec community. It's nice to shift back to that place of Loving and not worrying so much about what other people are doing or not doing. Or judging myself for doing or not doing this or that in my personal and professional life. I can get caught up there. For a while I was feeling pretty low. It was all based on expectations and assumptions and taking thing personally. Now as I sit here this morning after seeing a handful of great friends last night and hearing the solution, I feel uplifted again and remember that all it takes is a shift in perception.

The way the sunlight lit up the cards this morning just made my day. Not just as a photographer who chases light around, but as a person who sometimes needs a very obvious indication that all is alright in this moment.

The cards remind me of you. And that makes me feel filled up with Love.
So thank you!

Sending Love back atcha.