Monday, October 05, 2009

Mondo Beyondo

Today was the first day of Mondo Beyondo
I signed up so I can get started creating my dreams with a group of like minded and supportive people.
I've been so excited about this.
Just recently I've started dreaming again about what I want my creative life / business to look like.
It looks like so many things! But happiness, ease, laughter, simplicity and being more focused on what I love are some key factors I refuse to give up this time around.
Yes - what I am saying is that I gave up all of these things when I had my business going on at full steam before.

I've learned many lessons.
And feel ready to create something fresh / new / vibrant.

Here is a little video that made my day today as I waited for my confirmation e-mail to start the mondo beyondo workshop.

as I enjoy the pause in between saying goodbye to my old business / creative life
and the beginning of the new dream.