Sunday, May 20, 2007


I think this is one of my favorites.

Thought I'd post this today as I am in the middle of a weekend long shoot for Montgomery Creative and the Discovery Channel. I'm doing behind the scenes ( BTS ) shots of the entire weekend. It has been amazing. I've really enjoyed it and for some reason it pulls together my years back stage in theater with the years photographing weddings. Montgomery Creative is where my fiance Jerry works as a creative director. He hired me for this job. It's been great to be on set with him and watch him in action. Here is a link to his website. You should really check this out because the work they do is amazing.

Jerry tells me that I am not really allowed to tell you about the shoot they are doing until after it runs on TV. I am sworn to secrecy. I can tell you that I've met some great people, a lot of them are photographers themselves so we can talk shop, and I have heard some incredible stories about their lives that just blow my mind.