Wednesday, August 29, 2007

hey there cupcake!

oh these look so good. If I ate wheat and sugar I would have eaten about 20 of these cute little buggers. But instead - I took a photo of it. Suzi bought 4 to go to give to her wedding clients. What a nice thing to do!

News flash. I broke my digital camera. Yep - I sat the camera down on a chair and it rolled right off and onto the floor. it wasn't pretty. The lens wasn't attached to the camera anymore but it still had some of the camera parts attached to it. Not good.


Took it in to get fixed and now planning to buy a new one, and keeping that one as my backup ( if it is fixable! )

but - the point is - I don't have a digital camera to make anything new for the blog.

soooooo, I am taking my pinhole camera on an adventure this week and we will see what comes of it. It's my favorite camera and I am really excited to use it. It's been MONTHS.