Thursday, September 06, 2007

Minneapolis/Saint Paul

Just back from a 6 day trip to Minneapolis/Saint Paul. It was fabulous. The best weather you could imagine. Lucky for us we missed the heat wave here in LA.
The beginning of our journey was the honor of photographing our friends wedding. Adelle and Duane. You will see some photos from that shortly. What a beautiful couple. Love them. Then we all ( bride and groom, bridal party and Jerry and I) went to the Minnesota State Fair together. Loved seeing the baby animals the best. I pet a baby pig that was just born, and a baby lamb. what could be better. Jerry's favorite parts were:
A. Cheese Curds
B. Tom Thumb Mini Donuts
C. Martha's Chocolate Chip cookies
D. taking photos while on a ride.
We stayed at the Saint Paul Hotel for the first two nights. If you ever visit - STAY THERE! Really amazing place.
The rest of the trip was about re-visiting my past.
Visited my favorite restaurants
my art school
the guthrie theater where I used to work as a wardrobe dresser backstage and as an assistant stage manager
and saw a few really great ( best ) friends of mine.

So amazing to be back in a place I lived 20 years ago. I moved there when I had just turned 19. Went to art school, worked at the egg and i, and the guthrie, and after 8 years of those winters and summers I relocated to Oregon - which is another long wonderful chapter in my life...

So the next few posts will be a walk through our trip....

Here in the photo above is a wasp catcher - which were hanging EVERYWHERE on the back patio of the Day by Day Cafe in Saint Paul. This is our favorite place to eat breakfast in Saint Paul. We just LOVED the patio, and the food.