Sunday, November 11, 2007

let's go to hawaii shall we??

This was one day in maui on our honeymoon. We sat under the cabana for hours, reading and listening to the ocean waves. It was HEAVENLY. One of my favorite days on Maui.
Jerry was reading Harry Potter and the deathly hallows. I read " Eat Pray Love". If you haven't read this book, please go get it. So well written, I was laughing out loud and deeply identifying with the way she expresses her internal dialogue.
Our honeymoon was incredible. 3 days in Oahu, swimming with dolphins at our hotel, visiting with my Hawaiian family there, and enjoying the decadence of the Kahala Hotel!
Then off to Maui to Napili Bay. our favorite place in Maui. The bay there is exquisite. So much to tell so I will take a few days to go through some highlights. The best part was being married to Jerry! Being with him - my husband - and hearing people call me Mrs. Seiner. So surreal. When we got to the first hotel we were welcomed with fresh orchid lei's and warm hand towels at the front desk!
ok ok - enjoy this first of many photos...