Tuesday, November 13, 2007

one month anniversary

This is a pinhole image I took on October 20th on our honeymoon in Napili Bay Maui at sunrise. It is part of a series of 3. But I haven't scanned them all in yet and wanted to share something!

It's our one month anniversary today.

So far this married life is fabulous. I thought I knew what marriage was ( when I was in my twenties ). But the truth is - it was one big fat assumption. Marriage is a beautiful thing. It is different then it was when we were dating. I didn't think it would be - but it is. And in a really good way. The connection is deeper, and there is a richness to our relationship now that I didn't expect.

By the way..... I created an entire series of pinhole images on our honeymoon that will soon be printed and up in galleries and published. It's in the works and is all about connection, breathing, and well,,,,,you'll see.....