Monday, January 21, 2008


this image is on my website but I felt pulled towards it today while looking for something to post. Haven't taken a photo today so this felt like the one to share with you. It's from a series of nudes called "bare". I love that I caught her in the moment of covering up. Hiding. I can feel the energy of her frantic movement as she bends over to cover herself up with her own arms and hands. This wasn't posed or asked of her, it was just a moment when she felt shy and reacted to being in front of the camera. I feel it's one of the 2 strongest photos from that day. The other images are more posed and not as natural. I like this type of feel best. I love the spaces in between better then what she asked for me to take which were more straight forward nude shots. I prefer blurred, energy, movement and the essence of a person rather then the actual close up in focus details. I'm more intrigued by what is going on underneath the surface.
Speaking of underneath....I just found out that I will be having a one woman show at Madison 101 in Pasadena, CA! The body of work I am showing is called "abajo del rio" which means "beneath the river" again this idea of what is going on underneath what is apparent to our naked eye.
The opening Reception is Saturday March 1st.
I'll share more details when I get back from Portland and the Newspace group show.
I'm heading out to make the print for the show right now.....out in the gray and what we LA folk consider COLD weather. yep 55 is freezing here.