Thursday, January 24, 2008


Hi gang, It's been a few days and I have no excuses. Just busy creating work for the show in Portland and one that is coming up in March, launching the headshot business, Etsy shop, and photo workshops.
I decided last night to start leading workshops right here in Los Angeles. So flyers are being made for that and I will be canvasing the area. I'll post more about that soon. The first workshop will be the weekend of May 16th - 18th. More details will be revealed in the next day or so. Sorry for the vague entry. It is all that is on my mind and still getting the details sorted out. It's an exciting time.....except the fact that I am heading down to San Diego today to go to the dentist. It's like pulling teeth to get me in the car on a rainy day....ha ha ha clever yes? I'm bringing my camera - Jerry is driving - and I will make this a photo adventure.
The photo above is Andrew and his wife Kirsten. Aren't they in love! I like the snuggling here. These two are a great couple. Andrew and I went to high school together down in San Diego and now live in neighboring areas of LA. Nice to live close to someone who "knew me then!" Those were interesting times....high school....