Friday, January 25, 2008

Me, My Guitar and Don Henley

I took the photo for this promo piece for my friend Krista's play about a year ago in LA. It was so fun to work with them because many years ago we all worked together at Portland Center Stage. I was an assistant stage manager back then, helping run the show back stage. I remember sitting with Krista backstage and telling her that I wanted to be a photographer full time and she was telling me that she thought she wanted to be a writer full time.
Guess what? 10 years later I'm a full time photographer and she is the executive producer of Grey's Anatomy and writes for the show. Plus - the gal in the postcard holding the guitar is a gal who you might recognize in a lot of commercials these days. Every time I see her in a new commercial I yell out " Micki!" that's her nickname to me. It's great to see us all manifest the dreams we stated outloud back then.