Monday, January 28, 2008

Monday To Do Lists

Good morning. I'm noticing that my to do list is a long one but then again the items on the list are so exciting that I can hardly stand it. I was up until about 2am working on printing out my tree series and making mock-ups inside new frames I got last week. When I walk past the dining room table and see the work that is blooming there it just tickles me. I'm running out now but wanted to just stop by and say hello to all of my support team out there who has encouraged me along the way to keep going. And that of course includes my parents who are the biggest cheerleaders on my team, besides my beautiful husband. If I listed all of you who have cheered me on to keep on going and creating my dream life I would be here all day listing names of my beloved friends and family. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in projects that I forget to stop for a minute and celebrate all the people around me who are the gems that make my life so rich. When I isolate myself I just feel like a top that is spinning in circles getting nowhere. But when I open myself up to you all, that is when the magic happens and I am led to places and opportunities that I would have never imagined. God talks to me through people. Even though I am hard of hearing in one ear, I can still hear you. Thank you for being here with me on this journey of life. Enjoy this tree as a symbol of the strength I get from all of you.