Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tuesday Inspiration

Things that are inspiring me today:

Cari Cole
and a song called "Heaven" on her Circle of Fire CD. I have it playing on repeat today.
"Live in heaven, right here right now....." Why not? I can choose heaven right now - or I can choose the muck my mind gets attached to. The negative, depressing stuff that can hook my attention. It's always there ready to play. This song really lifts me up and reminds me of being in Teotihuacan on a Power Journey, and of being in Love all the time. It is possible. I know it because I have experienced it. Progress not perfection. It's a process. It's not worth my time to judge myself when I've forgotten to use the tools. That's life. Have you read "Eat, Pray, Love" yet???
She spoke about how she is not perfect at her spiritual practice, her meditation. It's not a rigid thing. It's a flowing thing. She allows that to breathe so she doesn't use it to abuse herself for not being perfect. I love that.

I'm heading to the lab to pick up a photo today that is going to be in the Portland show at Newspace center for Photography
I went to the lab Friday and it wasn't exactly what I thought would work, so I am re-printing it.

And working on some tree prints here at home on my home printer with some Epson paper which is rocking my world! We are considering purchasing a new printer which is a big deal. yep the new 4880 Epson Printer. We saw it at Samy's this weekend and it is HUGE. Where the heck will it go? but it is such a great investment. No more running to the lab. I'd have more control over my work, my work flow, and my production. Feels great to be in a place to take charge of the way I work like that. I just bumped up my camera gear and purchased the Nikon d300
It's not about the gear for me and it's all about the gear for me. I LOVE my pinhole camera. LOVE - ADORE - ADMIRE - CHERISH.
It was actually given to me as a birthday present from my dear husband during our first year we were together. augh, he is dreamy. he also lets me use his twinlens reflex camera that his friend ( our bestman at our wedding ) Sean gave him many years before. This camera is the one I use to take the tree images. I use it with a digital camera. Both cameras to take one image at the same time. I should have Jerry take a photo of me taking those tree images. It's a juggling act since I am using both at the same time, one in each hand.
ok so I am inspired by camera gear. What can I say. Camera gear and Cari Cole's singing makes me soar!
Have fun today with whatever inspires you!