Wednesday, January 30, 2008

lemon drops

I found this journal at Anthropologie. It's precious. I could feel that it was the book for me to start writing in. I've been antsy to journal again. I have to do lists in another very cute book I bought at Paper Source but I used up my last page on Saturday afternoon in a class I was taking through
Now I have 2 little books - one for lists and information, and the other for my personal thoughts, stories, poetry, creativity, etc. Good thing I bought a new bag at Target the other day that is big enough to hold both of those books and my camera which I am starting to take everywhere.

have you heard of shutter sisters?

I just found out about it from
Superhero Designs
I love to read her journal entries. Her photography inspires me and her words are so down to earth and real. Not pretentious or trying to be bigger then the other creative people out there - just being herself and sharing on an authentic level. I love this about her. She and some of her friends started up the
Shutter Sisters community as a gathering place for any woman who wants to join in. No matter the photography experience or what camera gear you use. This is so great. No need to compete. Just create. share and grow.

I'm a fan of all of this.
I hope your day is filled with community and authenticity. If not eat some lemon drops