Thursday, January 31, 2008

not enough hours...

Today I worked on my website a bit and changed some things around. I like it much better. Fine tuning is a good thing after sitting back and detaching from it for a while.
Took a class last night at the Center for Cultural Innovation My friend Nancy told me about this place and I've taken 3 workshops there since finding out about it a few months back. CCI is an incredible resource for artists and I highly recommend them for you if you want to keep learning and growing as an artist. I know I do. The workshop last night was so jam packed with information my head is still spinning. It was taught by Ashley McLean Emenegger the Executive Director of Bandini Art Gallery as well as owning and operating McLean Fine Art and being an artist in her own right. She is one busy gal and chock full of helpful information. I can't get over how good that class was.
Education is a good thing. Get out there and learn something new. And go check out my website and tell me what you think people!