Sunday, February 03, 2008

Breathe new life into your photography

Sacred Sight(c) Photography Workshops
The first one for 2008 will be May 16th - 18th in Los Angeles CA.

You can click on the image above for the flyer information.

I'm so excited to be offering these weekend workshops on photography and authenticity.

We will start the workshop at my home on Friday night from 7-9pm
Saturday we will meet from 9-5 with an hour lunch break - out at a beautiful location to be revealed that weekend. And Sunday we will meet again from 10-3 at a second location.

I incorporate tools I learned from Miguel Ruiz - author of the Four Agreements - who I had the privilege to study with for over 5 years. I also bring my own 15 years of photography experience and a deep desire to bring creative people together to create on a deeper more meaningful level. For more information contact me from my website.