Sunday, January 13, 2008

I did promise you this....

A few days ago I promised you more colors from Minneapolis. This is more of the street that Amy lives on. yep it's a bright pink house next door to a blue house which is across the street from that bright yellow house. It might have been gloomy winter outside, but they sure perk it up with house paints!

Today in LA was about 75 degrees or something close. Clear and Bright and AMAZING. one of the best weekends I've had in a while out here. Last night was my opening at Cactus Gallery. Well, it wasn't just mine. It was a group show of many painters, a few photographers, and mixed media artists. It was great to view their work, meet artists, and take it all in.

Today we went to PhotoLA.
It was in a new bigger space, but it was still packed with people. The photography was inspiring as always. If you've never gone before you should try to make it next year. Give yourself plenty of time to walk through it slowly and to take a break in the cafe. Plus, check out the speakers events during that weekend. I was unable to make it this time around and I was a bit bummed about that. It all looked so good.

Today Jerry and I celebrated our 3 month anniversary. We went to dinner and a movie after PhotoLA. What a glorious day it was. Photography, Food, Johnny Depp, what could be better?