Monday, January 14, 2008

Gold Star

Gold Star. From the top of a crown that Jerry and I used as our cake topper at our wedding. We found this amazing crown at a new store that opened up in Old Town Pasadena called The Gold Bug.
If you haven't been there you must check this place out. Gorgeous items.

I just received the postcards for the upcoming show in Portland at Newspace Center for Photography.
I can't wait to head up there for the Feb 8th opening.

in the meantime I am all about getting down to business. The business of being a working artist, who is creating and living a life that is abundant, clean of chaos ( is that possible? ), and joyful. Artists that come to mind are
Superhero Designs,
Elizabeth Gilbert
Alan Watt
Allen Zadoff
Keith Carter

So many more. So glad to see the possibilities of a creative life in different manifestations. So many things are possible. I am not limited by what my little mind thinks. So many ways the universe can support creativity.

I'm currently working on a few more gallery shows this year, and getting some artwork up on Etsy. Feeling creative comes and goes and I LOVE the feeling when it hits. I have to just go with it. It is like a river that keeps on moving. I just hop on my raft and go go go!

I love my life, the friends I've made along the way and are continuing to meet, and the abundant life that is always available to me if I put my attention on the positive rather then the negative.

I have to remember that it's Progress rather then Perfection. It is easy to get into perfectionism and do nothing because I am afraid of not doing it "right". I think doing anything at all is doing it "right", because it is an action. Inaction gets me nowhere. Literally, Emotionally, Spiritually.... But it gets hard to move forward with the "little mind" creeps in and tells me that it has to look a certain way. It is a great tool to just take one action and detach from the result. It's not mine to figure out. If God gave me a talent I just need to show up and use it otherwise I am being disrespectful to the one who gave me the gift. Who am I to decide if it is "good" or not.