Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Al Watt

Today I had the pleasure of viewing my friend Al's website and seeing the photo I took on his contact page!
He is an amazing published writer and teacher of the craft of writing. It was an honor to work with him and help him create this photo for his site.
Not the typical headshot - and I like his energy in this photo. Real. Down to earth. Full of life. Just like Al.

I was going to get together with him tomorrow to talk about the art of being in business, but I am still feeling under the weather. So I will have to wait until my body lets go of this cold / flu thing. When I am really busy I dream of days off where I can finish books that are piled next to my bed, sip hot tea, and take bubble baths. But when I actually NEED to take that time off, it can take me a long time to peel myself away from my work and turn off my inner engine. So now I am off to practice more power lounging....