Monday, February 18, 2008

Feb 18th

It's Feb. 18th. The day I take a photo of the tree out front. I was literally counting the days until I could get back to this project. I have been studying the tree each day. Looking for evidence of any changes that might have occured between Jan 18th and Feb 18th. The only difference I can see is in the sky. Jan 18th had a brilliant, bright blue sky and Feb 18th has an overcast sky. It actually mirrors how I feel today. Woke up under the weather. It's been getting worse as the day progresses.
The highlights of my day: documenting that tree,having my cat sit on my lap any chance she could, and spending time with Jerry as he had the day off. That tree has become part of my family at this point. I've noticed lately that when we turn onto our street I get a little excited when I look up the street and see our tree standing so tall in front of our house. It's interesting how the project I'm doing all year with this tree has had such an impact. But that is how life is isn't it. you move forward in one direction and all sorts of things bloom, grow, and change as a result of one action.