Monday, February 25, 2008

How to make a living doing what you love

I'm getting ready to show these three images in an upcoming show in March at the Cactus Gallery. It's a show all about 3. It's the 3 year anniversary for the gallery. I was thinking of showing it as a long panoramic print. However - I've decided to break them up and frame them separately hang them right next to each other really close. They are individuals yet a tight little family. I've been spending a lot of time working on framing lately. How do I want my images to live on the wall? Flat with a mat? In a box type frame like a lot of my past work? On wood without glass? I'm looking into all of these options. At first I was really not interested in the framing at all. I just wanted to drop it off at a framing place and have them take care of it for me. But now - I am seeing the flip side to that - which is that I get to be hands on with every facet of the process and create a home for these photographs. Sometimes I am excited about this and really get into it and other times I feel that I am wasting my time on frames when I could be out running around taking photos of all the incredible trees I've been noticing lately. Somehow there needs to be a middle ground where I can take my time with both creating images and creating homes for them.

I've been looking for inspiration anywhere I can find it. Lately I've been re-connecting with Keri Smith and her amazing books and words and artwork.

So I decided to post what I read from her on my blog for my own inspiration and reminders and maybe it will inspire you too!

This week I'll be showcasing something she wrote called
"How to make a living doing what you love!"
Sounds perfect yes??

Here is the first Point:

1 Believe that you can!

The most important quality you can possess! If you follow one piece of advice on your path let it be this one. Replace, "What if I'm not cut out for this?" with an affirmative, "YES I CAN!" Most successful people have this quality naturally ingrained in them. Get can't out of your vocabulary. Stay away from people who tell you, "You can't make a living at it.", (there will be many.) Use the mantra: There are always people out there in need of my services! Say it with feeling.