Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Jerry and I had dinner at our friends house Friday night and she had the most precious porcelain bird collection. I asked to borrow them to take their portraits. I took a few home with me and set up a mini studio for them outside on the front porch yesterday. Here is the favorite from the day. She sat still and was very cooperative.

Yesterday was a glorious day. I took my cameras out for a little road trip and took photos of any tree that caught my fancy. It was so so refreshing. Then I came home and took the bird portraits. I love days like these. I'm heading out early today for an appointment and I'm bringing my cameras with me. We shall see what I find out there.

Here is the next point in Keri Smith's "How to make a living as an artist"

2 Research

Find someone who is already making a living doing what you want to do. Connect with them, read about them, make them into a model for your career and you life. Call them up, most successful people are happy to talk to those starting out on the same path. Read any book you can on the subject of "Triumph over Adversity", it will help you get through those days when you question your choices. Create a support network of people in your field, try to meet with them regularly, it helps to make you feel normal.

Have an inspired day.