Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Leaving for Portland

We are heading to Portland tomorrow - for the Altered Landscape opening that happens on Friday night. Here is a blurb about it.
We are excited to go. I visited all the other photographers websites and I must say it was inspiring to see. I hope to meet some of them.
I am looking up galleries in Portland that I want to check out while we are in town. And we are seeing good old friends of mine and sharing meals with them which is always good!
Today I visited the Owner of Madison 101 where I will be having a one person show in April. We decided the opening will be Saturday April 12th. So when I get back from Portland I will be prepping my work for that show and finishing up a new body of work that I am so on fire about I can't stop thinking about it. Seriously. When the creative juices start flowing it's electric. I am learning that I have to balance the rest of my life with my buzz of creative inspiration - otherwise it tips so far over that I forget about everything else and gets out of whack. In art school - so many years ago - that is all I focused on - but now I have a dear husband, friends who don't stay up all night to make art, I have a cat who is a bit needy, and other life interests - like taking bubble baths, reading for fun, movies, etc. Nothing like that happens and I don't even notice usually. I'm just going going going. But this is life. I'm happy to be continually learning about all of this.
Had to stop and shift my focus - remember to eat lunch, wrap my best friends birthday gift and mail it, call husband to check in, and open the mail and sort. those tasks actually ground me too in a very different way then creating my body of work. But it is all important.