Tuesday, February 12, 2008

looking for a little enlightenment?

I'm back from Portland. Such a wonderful weekend. So much to tell. First off - The sad news. Our cat Patricia had kidney failure on Thursday and we had to put her down just an hour before we left for our trip. It was such a strange event. Didn't see it coming. Wasn't on our list of things to do on our way out of town. Jerry and I were both there when it happened. I am glad and grateful for the years we have had with her and the opportunities to share love with her and to receive love from her. She is missed. Although you KNOW that my other cat "pretty girl" is already back to being the Queen of the house and happy about it. It still feels like someone is missing, and at the same time I can feel her energy in the house. Not used to it. She always woke us up at 7am with her very loud announcements that it was time to get up and feed her. The sound of quiet in the morning is very loud right now.

Portland was like a very warm comforting bowl of chicken soup. Just what the doctor ordered. Jerry and I loved seeing Katye and Brandon. Their cat decided to sleep next to us every night which was much needed. What perfect timing for that. I took MANY photos on the trip and will share them over the course of the next week. The opening at Newspace was so nice because I was able to connect with some friends I hadn't seen in years, and be in a room filled with some talented photographers. I enjoyed it. More to tell.
But it was really nice and I am grateful to have the friends I have up there. Marsella, Lili, Michele, Nunpa, Teness, Theodore, Sara, Katye, Brandon and Tait....thank you for taking the time to see me and meet my lovely husband!

This photo was taken at the coolest store in Portland called "Noun". This photo feels appropriate today because I've been feeling like I've been experiencing my life as a power journey lately. Like sprinklings of deep insights and experiences that wake me up and remind me of who I am, why I am here, and what this thing called life is all about. It's been so inspiring. More on that tomorrow!