Tuesday, March 04, 2008


In 2006 I entered a competition that was put on by PDN Magazine. Photo District News.
This competition is all about wedding photography. I entered this one image and they picked it!

This bride Tania had a GORGEOUS wedding. I mean dripping gorgeous, and on top of it they were fun people with great families and friends. yep - the perfect scene.

Tania is coming over today to go over a project we are working on together - so I thought I'd focus my blog efforts on her today. I'm looking forward to seeing her and working with her today.

And - next up - of course - is the next installment of Keri Smith's article:

6 Ask for what you want...

Write it down, be specific. Figuring out exactly what you want will help you FOCUS on where you need to go and allow you to make steps in that direction. The point here is to create INTENT in your life so that your dreams can manifest in the physical world. Creating an "unlimited" business plan, (one that expresses all your wildest dreams), is one of the most valuable things you can do for yourself and your career. Start with a personal philosophy and mission statement. Create a list with two columns. The first will be Objectives, (e.g. create an identity within my industry). The second will be Actions, ways to manifest the objectives, (e.g. create a presence on the internet, write for industry magazines, etc.) What are your deepest dreams? Take them seriously, they will lead you to what you really want.

When you make a commitment to the goal the money will appear, but you must be truly committed!