Friday, March 07, 2008


Jerry and I have been walking around the rose bowl in the mornings. It's 3 miles around and the street has a variety of trees that just make my day. This tree caught my eye the other day so I brought my cameras with me take a few photos. On the way home I spotted another one about a mile from our house. I want one!
Anyone know what it is?? I hear it might be a flowering Quince tree but I googled it and it doesn't have the same type of flowers.

I am becoming obsessed with all the trees around me. I never noticed them before I started doing my "year 20" project with the tree out front. Now I am in LOVE with trees. All I want to do is drive/ walk/ hike around with my cameras and take photos of all their gloriousness.
P.S. I have 2 art openings this month - same gallery - same work - just two times to enjoy the the art in a festive atmosphere!

Cactus Gallery

The show is a juried art show celebrating the galleries 3rd year anniversary.
So the theme is "3". I have 3 photos in the show that all make up one month of my "year 20" series.

This Saturday March 8th 7-10pm
( this is Second Saturday in our area and all the galleries are having openings. )
( I will be in for a moment but not staying )

Next Saturday March 15th 7-10pm Artists Reception ( I WILL BE THERE 7:30-9:30pm ! COME SEE ME! I WOULD LOVE TO SEE YOU!!!!!)

4534 Eagle Rock Blvd.
Eagle Rock, CA


Keri Smith's "how to" article continues.

7 Feel the fear and do it anyway

...the title of a great book! I've talked to many people who have worked doing what they love for years. THEY STILL HAVE FEAR! They just work with it. It amazed me to find out that success sometimes brings more fear, fear of living up to our name and reputation. Pressure to equal our past successes. So if the fear is always there, you might as well learn to manage it, instead of trying to get rid of it.


enjoy everything you find that is blossoming vibrant PINK!!!