Monday, March 10, 2008

bright monday

The list of brightness so far today:
1. sunshine warming up the morning
2. bright blue skies
3. birds singing in the trees
4. spotting 2 yellow finches in my tree and taking photos of them
5. talking a walk with my husband
6. noticing how the light is streaming across the room this morning
7. my breakfast feast of egg whites and a side of apple with cinnamon
8. a freshness about the day from all the projects we completed during our weekend
9. feeling pride about our new walkway that Jerry put in yesterday
10. looking forward to the projects on my list today - and the friends that I get to see as a result!
11. the flowers on the table that are super vibrant today!
12. my cat of course! in all of her glory, rolling around outside.
13. feeling relaxed, grateful, inspired, rested, creative, accepting, and free

I would LOVE to hear your list of brightness today!
send them!

here is another installment of Keri Smith's article:
8 Reinvent yourself ... you are not defined by the current situation.

This means at any given time we can start fresh. After failures (I prefer to call them lessons), get back on you feet and start again. Writers will be rejected, illustrators will send out work they hate, freelancers will have dry periods, and designers will have quotes rejected. There is always an ebb and flow to success, money, fame, and creative energy. DUST YOURSELF OFF