Friday, May 16, 2008

The heART project

Photo by Mark Mauer - artwork by Man One

last night I had the privilege to attend the 16th annual heART project art auction.

"The heArt Project creatively links overlooked teenagers in alternative high schools with professional artists, cultural centers, and communities to imagine, produce and present new work."

The photo above is of Man One. A graffiti Artist who gives his time and energy to teach the youth. He was one of the people being honored last night and he was very inspiring to me. I loved hearing his story and how the arts really helped him to express what was not getting expressed when he was in school. I could really relate.

I was so impressed with the event, the mission of the heART project, and the high school students who spoke and shared their stories of transformation.

There was so much amazing artwork in the auction. A few pieces from new friends of mine that I met in that class I took. When I heard about the opportunity to help out, I jumped at it and donated a photograph to the cause. If you are interested - get in touch with them to find out when the next auction is so you can donate your work too!

If you are looking to give back - this is a great place to consider!
It really touched me to be there last night and to witness the community of people who give of their time and energy to help the youth that usually go unnoticed.

Quote for the day

"Do not fear mistakes-there are none." - Miles Davis