Thursday, May 08, 2008

Melanie Pullen

The image here is ©Melanie Pullen.
I just went to Julia Dean to listen to Photographer Melanie Pullen talk about her work and show us new work of hers. She is best known for her series called " High Fashion Crime Scenes ".
You MUST go to her website to find out more about her. She is really amazing and I love the idea behind these images. Basically she is researching actual crime scenes and then re-creating them based on that information, and the photos from the scenes.
There is MUCH more to it then that. It is very layered and smart. I remember seeing her work at PhotoLA a few years ago and it stuck with me more then most of the work I saw that day. It is haunting.

I'm so glad Aline Smithson is hosting these photography talks. And that a few friends of mine were kind enough to pass on her name to me.

I'm working on a new series. It started last night, but the image didn't turn out. Another one is going to be taken tonight. Wish me luck. Jerry is being a good sport and is ok with what I am up to. It's similar to the "Sacrament" series that I have on my website - Pinhole images, long exposures, Polaroid, and we are both in the images.
Now that the images have been taken of the honeymoon we are moving into married land.
More to be revealed as I work on this series.
Melanie talked a little bit tonight about series within the series, and this new body of work is along the same idea. It fits in with the "Sacrament" series and is I think another paragraph along the same lines.
I actually am so inspired lately that ideas are coming out of my pores. I had to write out a list of them all this afternoon because they are coming to me at lightening speed and I know that if I don't write them down I will forget them. It is like a song is coming to me in bits and pieces and I have to capture the floating melodies as fast as I can - in the moment - or the song will slip through the cracks....
ok it's late.....