Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Sacred Sight

Here is the info on my upcoming workshop. Take a look. Pass it on to anyone who you might think would benefit from a weekend of creativity and community.

We will meet Friday May 16th from 7-9pm
Saturday from 9-5
Sunday from 10-3

Any photographic experience is welcome, although we are not focusing much on the technical stuff. A good working understanding of how your camera works is helpful so you can just jump in and create. But I am always available to answer any of those questions as well.

Breathe new life into your photography!


Quotes for the day:

" We propose that ego and scarcity are synonymous. Both are birthed by the illusion of separation."
- The Abounding River by Matthew & Terces Engelhart pg.10

" Whenever you are angered about someone else beating you out, remember this: the footrace mentality is always the ego's demand to be not just good but also first and best. It is the ego's demand that our work be original - as if such a thing were possible. All work is influenced by other work. All people are influenced by other people. No man is an island and no piece of art is a continent unto itself."
-The Artists Way by Julia Cameron pg 174