Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday Morning Gratitude

It's been a while since I've stopped by my own blog. I've been in a whirl wind - although you wouldn't know it by looking at my schedule. It's been mainly internal.
A lot of changes going on the past few weeks that have gotten me going inward a little bit more.

Today we are heading to visit some of our family. It's an annual event where each of us has a specific process we have to do in order to make an old family recipe together. One person peels potatoes, another mashes them, another sifts flour, etc. it's a line up of family members all working together. I love the tradition. At the end of it we all hang out in the backyard and pig out. It's a perfect day for it. It's sunny and just the right amount of heat. One of those perfect Southern California days that reminds me of why I don't live anywhere else. Luckily this weather happens often, so I can sit on the porch with glee most mornings.

A mini gratitude list:

My lovely husband Jerry
My beautiful Cat Pretty Girl
this gorgeous home we live in together.
the amazingly delicious grapefruit I ate this morning.
cable ( ok i know that is so sad but true )
Bright sunshine streaming into our house.
Our front porch, plants growing out front, and shade from the tree.
That TREE!
my parents
the dishwasher my grandmother bought us so that "I am not his slave"
Creation and Creating
no schedule
air conditioning
all my cameras
this laptop
my friends - far and wide -
friends who are on a similar path
the right and freedom to vote
sugar free chocolate from trader joes.
expressing love

ok - I'm getting off track and need to go get ready for the big family event.
Have a glorious day noticing all there is to be grateful for.