Thursday, September 18, 2008

friends from portland

Last weekend some friends of mine came down from Portland Oregon for a visit. I've known KT for some 13 years. We worked together at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Then both of us moved to Portland a few years apart from each other. We then worked with Miguel Ruiz for a few years. Somehow our lives keep matching up at all the right times, and none of it was planned or discussed. Must be fate?

Her husband BP is a dream boat and he and my husband Jerry are great friends now too. So having them over was a real treat. They are the first to stay over in our home.

We power lounged a lot, but when we had the interest - we wondered about town.
We went to El Arco Iris for authentic mexican Food right around the corner on York Boulevard. After that I took them across the street to Galco's soda pop shop.check out this article from the NY TIMES! Aisle after aisle of all the sodas you remember from your past and ones you've never heard of but seem tempting. the photos above are from our galco's outing.
We went to see " Burn after Reading " at the arclight theater
where we had a star sighting at the movie theater of Natalie Portman and I almost flipped out. P.S. She is TINY! We went to Auntie Em's in Eagle Rock for Breakfast and the bacon is well worth it! SO GOOD!
And a visit to La Brea Tar Pits was a blast from my childhood past. I hadn't been there since junior high.
I also got to try out a few new recipes. They got to try out my lasagna and a flourless gluten free, sugar free banana snacking cake. Both of which were most scrumptious. You can make the lasagna too - get the recipe here
and the banana snacking cake recipe here.

It was a glorious weekend. The weather was a bit unusual. Overcast most days and not much sun. But still a bit on the warm side. Of course the day they left the sun popped out in all it's Southern California glory.

Glad they came out to visit. Much too short. I still want to take them over the "suicide bridge" into Old Town Pasadena, take them to the beach, and power lounge some more in the back yard on the hammock and have some of my friends over for a BBQ to meet them.

Maybe next year ?