Thursday, September 25, 2008

pomegranates and fertility

These photos were taken on Monday out in our backyard! We have the most abundant Pomegranate tree that I've ever seen. The branches are almost touching the ground!

Did you know that the Jewish star - the 6 pointed star - was designed around the points on the top of the pomegranate ? take a look at the close up and you can see the outline of the star. Pretty great.

It is said that the pomegranate is the symbol of fertility. This MUST be true!
I have proof!

I'll show it to you in 5 months!

( oh my god I'm having a baby in 5 months! That is amazing! )

I haven't been taking many photos lately. Jerry's been working on a series of my belly so we have a document of it's growth over the 9 months. It's pretty incredible to see it grow! I've been busy baking and cooking! That's been the new creative outlet.
I found a few gluten free blogs and I'm amazed at how good things taste when I substitute sugar for agave nectar, and wheat for brown rice flour. I'll post some recipes soon!