Wednesday, September 10, 2008


my belly - busy at work - growing our baby!

today I went to visit one of my favorite blogs

her post on September 8th is so perfect for how I'm feeling today. all about wondering what you should be doing with your life -
questioning which road to take.

I commented on her blog and realized that I needed to post it here too. It's what's on my mind lately.

here were my thoughts:

I think: should I become an art therapist and go into treatment centers and teach art because art transformed my life and I want to give that back to others? Or should I teach in high school? Or should I do my travel photography workshops and blend a mix of spirituality with art making and have a loose schedule and have day trips in LA and trip to Mexico? Or should I be an at home part time artist who makes crafty things and sells them on Etsy? Or should I get my MFA in photography and Printmaking and then teach college level art?
I have been on spin cycle for a few YEARS now about all of these topics - and which way to go.
All of which cost money for schooling and so it feels more loaded then just deciding to get a job somewhere and see if I like it. I think the answer is YES! Be myself and take an action! YES YES YES! There isn't a wrong decision!

Andrea said at the end of her post:" If we can be masterful at anything, it's being ourselves. "
That is a perfect point of view. I take it as mine now!


After I wrote this out - I realized that when I head in a direction - things just seem to fall into place for me. So when I do decide to follow one of these paths - all of the things that need to happen to support it - will happen!
That is how life is. When you really know and believe in your direction - the universe turns and looks your way and smiles on you. Whose to say that I shouldn't teach art in treatment centers, teach my photography workshops in Mexico, make cute things and sell them on Etsy?!?! That sounds like fun to me!!!! And all about my purpose which is to be of use to the planet. Give back. offer my talents. give others a hand up. create, explore, and have fun. It's all about love baby!


Monday there is an open house at UCLA for the drug and alcohol counseling certificate program.
I'm going to go check it out.
I was told by a career counselor that if I wanted to do art therapy or art in treatment centers that this certificate would help. It's a year long program and I could do it part time and take 2 years if I need to with a little baby on the way!
Then if I wanted to I could go on to get my Masters in Art Therapy.
I'm not sure if the certificate program is really necessary but I have nothing to lose by going to an open house.
I took this certificate program when I was up in Portland but didn't finish it. Long story - but it was the right thing at that time in my life to move on. Now it's back in my head and heart and I need to move towards it and see what that feels like.


Thank you to Andrea Scher from Super Hero Designs for always saying it out loud and being one of my superheros!