Friday, January 23, 2009

artist's way, artist's date, artist's inspiring me.....etc.

© Anselm Kiefer

I was invited to join an artist's way group and decided to give it a shot.
I did the artist's way book in 1994 when I was living in Minneapolis and working at the Guthrie Theater backstage - down in the depths of the Vom, as a dresser.
Doing the 12 week program in the book helped me so much and change my life really.
As a result I moved to the pacific northwest and went from wardrobe to stage management, and viewed daffodils and tulips growing everywhere in February. ( I think it was feb? )
anyhow I'd never seen that before. Ashland is Magical. I worked at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival for one season. It was amazing. Then up to Portland for another 5 years. The artists way got me dreaming about living surrounded by trees and green.
And I don't think I would have ever gotten to a place of confidence about going - without the help of the book!
It also got me in touch with childhood dreams I had, and how I used to be when I was younger. It helped me tap into my authentic self a lot more.

So - It's been a zillion years and I'm in the middle of a major life transition and not really sure how the art career will go after baby is born - so it felt like a perfect opportunity to break out that book again. But this time do it with supportive friends and meet weekly. Well my weeks are numbered because baby is due in about 5 weeks - but I can do what I can with them and then allow it to sit until I can get to it again later. I needed to allow myself to just go with the flow and not be all or nothing with this artists way thing because I'm a professional at that ( all or nothing ) and I know with a baby on the way - I will need to learn to let go a bit! ok A LOT. when it comes to my own schedule etc.

anyhow - week one has been so interesting. I already have resistance to the morning pages. WHY? what are they going to do to me?
And I've been very inspired by artwork that i've looked for when searching for a good artist's date.

There's a show at the Hammer Museum right now that I would love to take myself on my first artist's date to.
However - because of my current state - I'm not sure I can really drive all the way over to West wood alone and feel confident that I won't go into labor since I'm having braxton hicks contractions, and then walk around a museum with any pleasure at this point. ( Sciatic pain from hell ). It actually feels kind of good to feel antsy to go see some art!
I've been considering printmaking - as a new direction - although I've been a printmaker since college it was never a primary focus for me.
Right now there is a show on woodcutting/printmaking and I'd LOVE to see this.
Anselm Kiefer is one of my all time favorite artists.
If I don't get to this show - maybe you should!
work like his actually make my mouth water!

Jerry offered to take me there this Saturday - but then it's not an artist's date - and maybe that's ok too for right now. I need to let go right - go with the flow?
At least I would be getting to an art show and excited about it which I cannot say I have felt for many months.