Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dreaming...again + still

hi there - it's been a while
I've been busy creating a human named Max- and now that he is born I am finally starting to feel that feeling again of wanting to create more art and wanting to figure out what is my next incarnation as far as careers go - or lifestyles go.

I'm going to stay at home and raise Max without going to a formal type of job for the first year - at least. I'm so happy we are in a situation which can accommodate this life/career choice. Raising Max will be the most important creative venture ever. And I want to expand even further!

Lately I've been thinking about teaching art again. teaching art to kids with special needs. And to anyone really who wants to learn how to express themselves through this type of medium. My high school art teacher really planted the seed for me many years ago when she taught me that I was talented - and had something to offer the world. I had never really heard that before. She helped me feel I had something I needed to do - something I could do. Something special.

After I got sober at 18 years old - I used this creative outlet as a way to express my emotions. It saved my life really - to have had my art teacher show me how to draw and paint and "see". It gave me something to do after I got sober. A place where I felt inspired, curious and some what confident. Helped give me direction. Helped me notice things beyond the drama of a teenage drug addicts life who was newly sober and still learning how to be in the world without hiding behind that fog. I Felt naked.

Anyhow - I've ALWAYS wanted to pass it forward. Share with others the power of creativity the way Mrs. Burke did with me.
I feel that this will be the time for me to do just that.

I'm starting to look at schools ( again ) and revisiting the idea of getting my teaching credentials in single subject of Art - so that I can create classes for kids that have special needs ( like my Max ), and get more involved with teaching as a way of giving back and as an offering.

People tell me that I could do that without going back to school. I know that it's possible. But I want to get more instruction on different creative processes and how to create a class outline - how to give them more then just the few things I know. I want to be educated about teaching art.

I also crave learning more about printmaking.

So while I get my teaching credentials I will also be taking an art class or two for myself.

I may actually take the art class before I go back to get my teaching credentials - if I can find a class that is just a few hours one day per week and jerry and I can work out a way for me to be there and have Max taken care of. I'm not much into daycare or babysitters just yet.

So that's what's been rolling around in my head lately.

If you know of a good place to take a printmaking class in Pasadena - let me know. I'm going to check out the armory!

Yipeeeeee! I love my life. Anything is possible. And I love that I get to recreate it any time I feel like something is stale or in need of an upgrade.