Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Best Motivational Video Ever

I love this!

Someone taking the Mondo Beyondo Class just posted it for us.
I had to share it with you all.

I'm in the middle of taking action in shifting my creative life into the vibrant vision I have been dreaming about for a LONG LONG time. Fear is a common feeling, lots of old thoughts rushing in my head about my ability to achieve what I really want. I'm not smart enough, I don't really have anything to share, This work is mediocre, etc........... Nice eh? I would never talk like that to anyone else about their dreams or talents. Funny how I let myself get away with it when it has to do with ME!
however - this class I am taking - Mondo Beyondo - is helping me remember that my thoughts are not the truth. They are just thoughts. They don't run the show. I do. The "I" that knows that these dreams need to happen. And CAN happen. And are in the process of happening RIGHT NOW!

I've been updating and changing my website around, making new work, picking dates for my photography workshops and getting support for all of these things from many different places and people.

I learned this week that the universe is like the most talented dance partner ever. He holds me and leads the way and makes me look so graceful and it feels easy. Just take a step and it flows smoothly and feels so good!
( I'm remembering my last dance lesson and how it made me giggle inside with glee when the dance teacher lead the way. )
I'm being held around my waist by a hand that knows how to move me in the right direction. Turning my waist at the right moments, and without much force - but with a feeling of knowing that helps me release my control and allow him to move me around the dance floor.

I'm learning how to take action toward my highest dreams for myself and my life and also how to allow the universe to really hold me and show me the way and trust in that. That trusting thing is harder for me than just pushing, controlling, getting intense with it, obsessing about what the "right" thing to do is, working and working and working on it - etc....and in the end I feel exhausted, disconnected with my community, separate and unhappy. So the consequence is so much greater even though it feels easier in the beginning.

Must go spend time with my baby and husband and my cat now and BE in my life and allow the dreams to actualize in the exact way that they are suppose to.

Have a dreamy evening.