Tuesday, October 20, 2009

go ahead...Open it

inside this envelop is a list of all of my wildest dreams.
I hid it for a week and tried to forget about it.
I went to where I thought I'd hid it - and it wasn't there. I actually forgot where I put it.
When it finally dawned on me where it was - I retrieved it
and have been looking at it on my art table wondering if I should open it or not.

A lot of the dreams I wrote on the list are already starting to come true.

I could open it and take a peek - re-write it - and put it in another envelope and tie it with a bow
I could leave it sealed for a while longer
or for years.

What would you do?

Would you be curious what you wrote last week and see if anything seems like it needs to be deleted from the list - or edited - or updated? Would you open it and add to the list? Would you open it and burn the list? Would you open it and post it all on your blog for the world to see?

or would you put it away in a secret place and try to forget and allow the universe to do it's magic?