Friday, April 18, 2008

go in the direction you are drawn to

I took this photo at the shambhala centerwhich is literally one mile away from where I live. It's surrounded in these luscious trees. I pass by them every day on my way to or from somewhere else. I finally noticed them one day and was startled by how much peacefulness they exuded at the corner of a busy intersection. I had to investigate! The day I took my cameras over to meet them - it was a cold overcast day. My cameras were hard to hold in my hands because my fingertips were a bit numb. But I was pretty intrigued by the trees and needed to just deal with it. This was the first photo I took, and I like it the best out of all of them. It feels the way that day felt for me. peaceful, but a lot going on.

Today is the 18th. The day I photograph the tree outside my house. I'm so excited. Today is bright, sunny, clear, warm, birds chirping with glee, and it feels very calm here in the house and on my street. I love days like this. No structure really accept to follow my heart and do what I feel called to do in each moment. So far it's included Ginger tea, looking at the rununculas on the table, listening to the birds, and going slow. that is my favorite speed.

Last night I read something on Keri Smith's website that completely floored me. It floored me because it sounded JUST LIKE ME! I loved how understood I felt in regards to this specific topic. I have heard of others having similar experiences - but this was literally word for word how I felt in high school and what I learned about myself much later in life and am still learning. Go click on this link and read the article. It is really amazing.


Quote for the day

"...Oprah Winfrey used to be the chatty girl in school who spoke out in class and we all know what happened to her. The trick is to head in the direction you are drawn in. The many fears we hold, (about age, money, ability etc.) are usually imposed by our culture. On occasion your culture may not support or understand your path, people will question you, you will in turn question yourself, that is quite natural. Be honest with yourself along the way, keep doing what you are drawn to and you will succeed. "
- Keri Smith