Thursday, July 10, 2008

days are rolling together into one...

My days are moving swiftly past me even though they are filled with rest, day dreaming, napping, and yes a little work too. I'm checking in because it's been a week and I figured I should keep this blog moving along. Today I bought new yarn to start knitting a blanket, and going to the yarn store is always an adventure for me. My favorite one is in Santa Monica so it's more like a day trip. They have the best variety and colors.
I brought a big bag home and haven't started it yet - but plan to this evening. Sage green, deep forrest green, eggplant, and fusia. these are the colors that called to me.
Today I received a package in the mail that holds the key to starting a new photography project that's been in my head for months now.
Yes - I bought black sheets from target to be my black backdrop for the next series of images. I thought that was quite clever of me. Instead of buying a roll of black seamless that I have to keep in a roll, THis I can just fold up and put in a drawer when it's not being used. And it will be easy to set up and take down. Lucky me - I married a photographer who has some much needed photo stands and lighting in the garage! I'll be breaking it all out tomorrow on my big photo shoot day.
Lucky for Jerry he will be at work all day while I tear apart the living room and make it a photo studio!

Actually - I'll be working on 2 different projects.
one is inspired by my new "role" as a wife.
the other is about my new life being married.
Both are hot topics since I'm a newlywed. I love my new life and my lovely husband.